GMM 2023 - LORNA SHORE.jpg

Lorna Shore

Sunday 18 June 20.45 - 21.45

Genre Metalcore
Country United States

One of the most talked-about throats since the Covid era has to be that of Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos. The deathcore band has developed into a non-stop touring machine that takes every venue by storm. In the States they completed a tour with Belgian death metal stalwarts Aborted, selling out every single show with consummate ease. Their fourth strike ‘Pain Remains’ (2022) is their second contribution since the departure of the last original members. Both heavy and utterly engaging, the album features a band that has outgrown its erstwhile deathcore label. Add in the fact that Will Ramos is one of the best vocalists on the extreme metal scene today and it’s easy to see why fans of Behemoth and Suicide Silence will happily give them an hour of their time. #GMM23