GMM 2023 - SKINDRED.jpg


Saturday 17 June 13.50 - 14.35

Genre Nu-metal
Country United Kingdom
Played at GMM 2008 2016 2018

Talent comes in many forms but sometimes musical genius doesn’t get the praise it deserves. As a musician, you should never be afraid to broaden your horizons and explore new territory and that’s exactly what Benji Webbe did. He first came to the fore in the early 90s with Dub War. Ahead of its time, the Welsh band played a powerful form of what can be described as ragga metal. Some were quick to recognise the energetic singer’s rare talent. The music press took a liking to Dub War and household metal names asked for collabs. One of the household names Benji worked with was Max Cavalera, who was just starting out with Soulfly. Meanwhile he transformed Dub War into Skindred, mixing metal, alternative rock and reggae while also integrating dub step patterns. Their debut ‘Babylon’ (2002) garnered positive reviews thanks to a combination of innovative content and a total lack of pretension. Meanwhile the unconventional band are on their eighth album (‘Smile’ is set to be released in 2023). With a frontman who knows how to tame a crowd it’s hard not to get swept up by Skindred’s enthusiasm! #GMM23