Suicidal Angels

Saturday 17 June 17.00 - 17.45

Genre Thrash Metal
Country Greece
Played at GMM 2012 2014

The New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal has spawned scores of thrash bands that have revitalised the thrash scene in recent years and put a new spin on the old stuff. One of the flagbearers of this movement are Greek thrash meisters Suicidal Angels. On their debut EP ‘Armies of Hell’ they wear their love of old-school thrash on their sleeve and the likes of Kreator and Destruction immediately spring to mind. The following year their full-length debut dropped: ‘Eternal Domination’ doesn’t hide the band’s Teutonic leanings with a classic thrash offering. Since then they’ve grown musically, as illustrated by 2016’s ‘Division of Blood’: intelligent tempo changes, ripping solos, Nick Melissourgos’s improved vocal skills and an undiminished passion for their craft. Those who thought thrash was dead were set straight by their live recording ‘Conquering Europe’ (2016). Their last studio effort to date, 2019’s ‘Years of Aggression’, doesn’t innovate but instead serves up another generous helping of unadulterated thrash riff worship. Kreator chief Mille Petrozza is a fan, naming them one of the best European thrash bands of the new generation. Just last month they were signed by Nuclear Blast and their 8th full-length slab is set to drop later this year. #GMM23