The Amity Affliction

Friday 16 June 19.30 - 20.20

Genre Metalcore
Country Australia
Played at GMM 2016 2019

The Amity Affliction is a post hardcore/metalcore band from Gympie, Australia. Their full-length debut ‘Severed Ties’ was released in 2008 to much critical acclaim, especially for succeeding in sounding fresh in a genre where originality was becoming a rare commodity. Follow-up ‘Youngbloods’ (2010) basically offered more of the same – chugging riffs, screamed vs clean vocals, melodic verses and keyboard influences - but it was also considered a step up from its predecessor thanks to the improved vocals and the great lyrics on conquering one’s inner demons, which struck a chord with many mathcore fans. ‘Let the Ocean Take Me’ (2014) educates the listener through an arduous voyage of self-discovery. The band writes tunes around events and insights from their private lives and that gives their music an authenticity sometimes lacking in riff-based heavy music. If you want to get to know the band, check out the rockumentary ‘Seems like Forever’ (2015). ‘Misery’ (2018) caused a bit of a stir among long-time fans as the album departed from their usual formula due to the integration of electronic elements. Die-hard fans greeted their latest offering with more enthusiasm. ‘Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them’ (2020) sees The Amity Affliction returning to what they do best. #GMM23