FAQ Camping Metal Town

What can I bring to camping Metal Town?

Here is a list of items that are (not) allowed.

I booked a 6-person pitch. Can I add a 7th person to my reservation?

No, that is not possible.

Can we book a pitchut next to our friends?

Ticketmaster allows for the reservation of multiple types of accommodation in a single booking. With your booking you can indicate per accommodation type which pitch(es) you’d like. If you want adjoining pitches or festihuts it is advisable to make a single reservation. Please note that (a) booked pitch(es) are not exchanged.

I won’t be arriving at the same time as my friends. Can I check in separately?

You can. The first of your group to check in will receive the Metal Town wristbands and breakfast vouchers for the entire gang.

We’re coming in two cars. Can both use the Metal Town car park?

No. Additional cars can park in the GMM car parks in the vicinity. Excluding pitches for 6 persons. Here you are entitled to 2 paying parking tickets.

Can I set up an additional tent next to my motorhome/caravan?

This is OK as long as the pitch dimensions are not exceeded.

My motorhome/tent/vehicle is slightly wider/longer than 8 x 4 metres. Is this a problem?

Yes, it is. Your vehicle must fit the pitch dimensions

I own a converted live-in vehicle that is not officially registered as a motorhome or (folding) caravan. Can I park it on my pitch?

You can park in your pitch if your vehicle meets our safety prescriptions. All types of live-in vehicles are allowed in Metal Town on two conditions: all vehicles must fit the pitch dimensions (8 x 4 m) AND they must meet the legal safety prescriptions. Live-in vehicles fitted with a gas connection or electrical equipment MUST be officially registered as a motorhome or caravan and the owner must be in possession of a valid inspection certificate. The live-in vehicles are inspected at the entrance to Metal Town. The organiser’s decision is binding.

Does my Metal Town wristband give access to the other campsites and the festival arena?

No. Access to the festival arena and camping Boneyard requires a festival wristband. Collect it by presenting your festival ticket at camping Metal Town. Metal Town ticket holders are only entitled to a Metal Town wristband.

Can my friends drop by for a visit at Metal Town?

Unfortunately only Metal Town residents have access to Metal Town.

How do I get to the festival arena?

On foot. Metal Town is within walking distance of the festival arena. Simply follow the signs (or the other festival goers).