New at GMM 2024!

17 Apr

Still 64 days left before the gates to the hallowed grounds in Dessel swing wide but we couldn’t wait to bring you up to speed on several novelties that will make your festival and Camping Boneyard experience even more enjoyable.


GMM is cashless again this year. No more physical tokens, just Skullies (our digital currency) on the tag of your wristband or your Cashless Card. These Skullies pay for food and drink at the festival grounds, at our campsites Boneyard and Inferno, and in Metal Town.
1 Skully is €3.50. In presale you get 1 free Skully for every 20 Skullies purchased. Skullies are on presale from Wednesday 17 April 2024 until Wednesday 12 June 2024. As from 13 June 2024 you can still upload Skullies to your account but any purchase will no longer include free Skullies.


Once again our campers can benefit from a full-fledged supermarket with the Boneyard Supermarket. Open round the clock, it has everything you need for a perfect festival experience.
You’ll find the supermarket at Camping Boneyard at the entrance on Europalaan.


Don’t feel like lugging around cases of beer during your stay at Camping Boneyard? We’ve got the perfect solution! This year you can order your tray (24 x 33 cl) of cold cans of Jupiler or Jupiler 0.0 in advance at an advantageous price and kick off your festival weekend with a refreshing beer (or two). 

A tray of cold cans of Jupiler or Jupiler 0.0 (24 x 33 cl) costs €40 in advance sale. Orders can be collected from the new supermarket at Camping Boneyard on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June 2024. Are you staying at Camping Inferno or at Metal Town? Even then, you can purchase a voucher and exchange it at the supermarket at Camping Boneyard. Attention: the offer is limited and the voucher is neither valid at other GMM campsites nor at the Camping Boneyard bar.

Just a quick reminder: only Combi ticket holders can exchange their ticket for a festival wristband as from Wednesday 19 June at 3 p.m. Day ticket holders can collect their festival wristband on the day starting from 8 a.m.


You’re staying at Camping Boneyard but don’t feel like hauling half your belongings to Dessel? Then drop by the Camping Shop at the festival or order your camping supplies in advance. Super practical and you can collect your order from the camping shop upon your arrival. Place your order HERE.

This year the Camping Shop also rents out camping chairs and party tents. Rent yours on the website and collect your order from the Camping Shop upon your arrival at the campsite. After the festival simply hand in the rented items at the same location. There are two Camping Shops this year, one at the entrance on Europalaan and the other at the breakfast zone.

Renting instead of buying these items reduces your ecological footprint and contributes to a more sustainable future. Moreover, renting our chairs and party tents is cheaper than buying your own stuff that will probably end up gathering dust in the attic or the garage anyway. 


Looking for a safe place to store your personal items? Then use our lockers.

You’ll find the lockers just outside the main entrance to Camping Boneyard and Camping Inferno. 

Several formats are available with and without power socket.

Go to this page to reserve your locker at your leisure. In addition you can also rent a locker on site (while available). No deposit is required for the use of the lockers.

Attention: lockers rented for a single day are emptied at the end of the festival day.


Dido’s Den is also back. This year you’ll find Dido and his cohorts at the Festival Fair across from the entrance to Camping Boneyard. Leave with a lifelong GMM memento, or get a piercing or maybe even a tooth gem. New this year at Dido's Den: a barber! Open as from Wednesday 19 June at 3 p.m. (on Wednesday only accessible via Camping Boneyard). Book an appointment on-site.

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