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vendredi 21 juin 12.55 - 13.40
South Stage

Genre Alternative
Country États-Unis

Formed in 2006, Boston-born rock band Lansdowne went on a two-week tour of Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Kuwait the following year to entertain the American troops there. Also in 2007 they put out their first EP ‘Burn This for Your Friends’. They built their fan base the traditional way: through relentless touring, playing hundreds of shows. In 2011 it was time to put out their debut full length with ‘Blue Collar Revolver’ (2011), followed in 2013 by another EP, ‘No Home But the Road’ (2013). Album releases are few and far between but this is a conscious tactic, with the band preferring to put out one or a few tracks on a more regular basis instead of adhering to the traditional album-touring cycle. Their second long player ‘Medicine dropped last year. Fans of Shinedown, Halestorm or Sevendust will also enjoy Lansdowne. (#GMM24)