Legion Of The Damned

Saturday 17 June 18.25 - 19.15

Genre Death Metal
Country Netherlands
Played at GMM 2007 2009 2011 2014 2016 2019

In 2005, the Dutch death thrash/death combo Legion of the Damned rose from the ashes of defunct black metal Occult, a restart they have never regretted. The musical ingredients hardly changed but under the new band name their hard work finally started to pay off. thanks to such genre classics as ‘Malevolent Rapture’ (2006) and ‘Sons of the Jackal’ (2007). Over the years frontman Maurice Swinkels and his cohorts have only grown in ability and stature. Legion of the Damned play the kind of boot-to-throat thrash that takes off like a rabid dog on speed and never lets up. Their recipe of Teutonic riffs, raw vocals and vicious drums has been labelled Euro-thrash with a death metal twist. Their last full-length to date, ‘Slaves of the Shadow Realm’, dropped four years ago and the fans are hoping a new album is in the works. Meanwhile another bludgeoning GMM set will go a long way to slaking their thirst. #GMM23