In collaboration with Inter, Graspop Metal Meeting goes the extra mile to make the event as accessible as possible for people with a disability. The festival arena, the Inter camping and the car park for visitors with a disability all benefit from adapted infrastructure and/or assistance for visitors with a disability.

Would you like to make use of our disabled facilities?  Buy your regular GMM tickets and then contact Inter at the earliest opportunity (and by 31 May 2024 at the latest).  As soon as your application has been processed Inter will send you a confirmation email with further instructions. Important remark: remember to include proof of disability with your application

at the car park

The car park nearest the main entrance includes a special disabled section. Access to this section must be requested beforehand via the application form. The number of parking spaces is limited so be sure to submit your application on time. All car parks are paying and that includes disabled parking spaces. After approval of your application, you will receive information about purchasing these parking tickets one month before the festival. At the car park, Inter volunteers will be on hand to assist you and, if necessary, escort you to the main festival entrance or the Inter campsite.

at the festival arena

There is a separate but accessible disabled booth at the main festival entrance where people with a disability can exchange their festival ticket for a wristband.

During the festival Inter staff are on hand to provide assistance where necessary. They are easily recognised by their Inter vests and you will find them at the main entrance, on the raised platforms and at the Inter campsite. More specifically, Inter staff will help you set up your tent at the Inter camping, they can assist you with bathroom visits and meals or help you get around the grounds... Please do not hesitate to call on the Inter staff when you are in need of assistance.

Raised platforms in front of the Main Stages, Jupiler Stage (new!) and in the Marquee are available for wheelchair users and festival- goers with limited mobility. They can be accompanied by one carer and chairs are set up for them on the platform. Inter volunteers and members of the GMM Crew will keep an eye on things.

All bars, box office units and tents are equipped with sloping surfaces. The terrain is flat and easily accessible.

Guide and assistance dogs are also allowed in the festival arena.

The use of folding chairs higher than 55 cm in folded condition must be requested specifically on the Inter application form. No application is required for folding chairs up to 55 cm.

All sanitary facilities are accessible and include a disabled toilet.

There are no Inter facilities for pregnant women. Women who breastfeed can express milk at the Red Cross stations in the festival arena or at the campsite. Cold storage is also available.

at the inter camping

There is a separate Inter Camping at the Kastelsedijk for festival-goers with a disability. This separate campsite is part of camping INFERNO (and no longer of the large camping BONEYARD). This dedicated zone includes accessible showers, wash basins and toilets. The maintenance tent is equipped with a mobile hoist, a nursing bed, a refrigerator for the cold storage of medication and there is access to mains power. Wheelchair users can also leave and/or charge their ride there overnight. Carers are also welcome to spend the night with no more than 4 friends and 3 small tents.

This Inter-camping opens on Wednesday 19 June 2024 at 3 PM for combination ticket holders.

Please note that the number of places is limited here as well so take care to submit your application form on time. Once the camping is full, it’s full. Access to the Inter camping requires a valid festival wristband. You don't have to buy a camping INFERNO camping ticket. The Inter campsite is included in your combi ticket.

at camping metal town

It’s a brisk walk from Metal Town to the festival arena. There is a shuttle bus for visitors with disabilities between the festival site and this campsite. The sanitary facilities at Metal Town include an accessible shower and toilet. The public areas of the campsite are accessible but there are no Inter staff on site.

special diet & medication

Visitors who are on a special diet for health reasons can bring their own food (note: no hard containers!) and/or medication (in the original packaging) into the festival arena. There is NO need to list this on the application form but you do need a valid prescription. This way our security staff will know why you brought medication and/or syringes and any awkward discussions can be avoided. Medication requiring cold storage can be handed in at the Red Cross stations.