This year GMM is introducing reusable cups for beer, wine, cava, cocktails and coffee. Other beverages are still served in bottles or cans.

Return Coins

Upon your arrival you will receive 2 Return Coins together with your festival wristband. These Return Coins act as a ‘security deposit’ for a drinks packaging on the festival grounds (can, plastic bottle or reusable cup) or for a reusable coffee cup at Camping Boneyard.

Ordering a drink? Then hand over a Return Coin for the drinks packaging and pay for the beverage itself with the Skullies on the tag on your festival wristband. With your next order hand in your empty drinks packaging at the counter in exchange for a new drink.

Not thirsty? Then exchange your empty drinks packaging for a Return Coin. You can do this at the bar or one of the other collection points at the entrance to all sanitary facilities, in Metal Plaza and near the festival exit.

Do not leave your empty cup/can/bottle on the ground! 
You don’t have a Return Coin or an empty drinks packaging but you still want a drink? Then you will be charged a recycling fee of 0.5 Skully (= €1.75). This fee is also paid at the bar. 

Don’t leave your final drinks packaging on the ground either. Hand it in at the bar or at a (mobile) collection point. This way you’re helping us keep the festival grounds tidy!

Return Coins or empty drinks packagings can never be exchanged for cash, gadgets, Skullies or drinks. 

Green Coins

Want to go the extra mile for the environment? Be our guest!

Visitors who make an effort to come to the festival using a more sustainable mode of transport or who help us sort trash are rewarded with a Green Coin. 

  • Festival-goers who come to the festival by train, paying shuttles (airport shuttle or festival shuttle) or bicycle receive a Green Coin.
  • Festival-goers who hand in a full PMD refuse bag at a recycling point at our campsites Boneyard, Inferno or Metal Town are rewarded with a Green Coin.

More sustainable transport:

  • Coming to GMM by train?
    • Mol is the nearest train station. If you get off the train then be sure to drop by the GMM stand. Upon presentation of your train ticket you will receive a Green Coin. 
  • Coming by bicycle? 
    • At the entrance to the bicycle shed every cyclist will receive a Green Coin.
  • Did you book an airport or festival shuttle?
    • At the bus stand all passengers getting off the shuttle will receive a Green Coin.

Help us sort waste:

When you arrive at your campsite you will be handed a white refuse bag for residual waste and a blue bag for PMD (cans, plastic bottles, ...). Hand in a full PMD bag at the recycling point at your campsite and get a Green Coin in return (and a new blue bag).

What are the Green Coins for?

Use a Green Coin to:

  • Ride the Ferris wheel.
  • Have a go at the ‘Ducks of Thrash’, our local hook-a-duck stall. Fish for a GMM gadget or go for one of our top prizes: win fast lane access for the signing sessions or access to the sky deck. 
  • Collect a gadget from the ‘Green Coin Corner’.