Plan your trip and keep it clean!

27 May

In exactly 24 days the gates to metal Walhalla will once again swing wide. We can't wait to welcome you again for the 27th edition of GMM! In 2024 we are placing more emphasis than ever on the green nature of the festival. We continue to invest in sustainable transport and the reduction of our emissions.

By bicycle you can easily overtake bumper-to-bumper traffic. Are you coming from further away? Then use our parking facilities Park & Bike EAST or Park & Bike WEST. Public transport is yet another easy way of travelling to GMM. Click here to buy your Event Train Ticket at half price, including access to our free shuttle bus service from Mol station! 

You’ll find the Kiss & Ride zone at Mol station as usual. There you can board a free shuttle bus to the GMM festival site.

Would you like to benefit from a reserved seat in a comfortable coach? Then book a seat on the paying shuttle service. This coach will take you to and from 14 Belgian cities, Brussels Airport (BRU), Brussels South Airport (CRL) and Eindhoven Airport (EIN) in true VIP style. Buy your tickets for the airport shuttle (one way) or festival shuttle (round trip).

Coming by car anyway? 

Every year we give a lot of thought to the impact of GMM on its surroundings and the environment in general. As a sustainable festival we aim to make a difference. In addition to initiatives to reduce the rubbish pile, we also strive to curb our CO2 emissions. That is why we have paying parking facilities again this year.
Do you have a VIP festival ticket and are you staying at Camping Boneyard? Then do NOT park in the VIP car park but instead use one of the regular car parks, which are closer to Camping Boneyard. Conversely, VIP car park tickets are valid in all car parks. Request your (free) VIP car park ticket when purchasing your VIP festival ticket.
Car park tickets are only €15 per car if you buy them in advance onlin. On the day tickets are €20 per car (only bank or credit cards, NO cash). Attention: drive off = a new ticket. So if you come by car every day you’ll have to buy a new ticket every time. 
Good to know: are you staying at a Graspop Metal Meeting campsite? Then you can exchange your festival ticket at the Main Entrance as early as 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Day visitors can also use the exchange area at the main entrance on the day their festival ticket is valid.


🎉NEW IN 2024🎉

The doors to Metal Plaza open at 6 p.m. on Wednesday 19 June. At 8 p.m. the 27th edition of GMM kicks off with a bone-crushing BONEYARD PRE-PARTY in the Metal Dome hosted by Studio Brussel. The Classic Rock Café also opens for business at 6 p.m. ATTENTION: on Wednesday, only COMBI ticket holders who are staying at Camping Boneyard have access to the festival grounds!

♻️GMM goes green♻️

This year GMM is introducing reusable cups for beer, wine, cava, cocktails and coffee. Other beverages are still served in bottles or cans. 

Return Coins

Upon your arrival you will receive 2 Return Coins together with your festival wristband. These Return Coins act as a ‘security deposit’ for a drinks packaging on the festival grounds (can, plastic bottle or reusable cup) or for a reusable coffee cup at Camping Boneyard.

Ordering a drink? Then hand over a Return Coin for the drinks packaging and pay for the beverage itself with the Skullies on the tag on your festival wristband. With your next order hand in your empty drinks packaging at the counter in exchange for a new drink.

Click here for more details on the Return Coins

Green Coins

Want to go the extra mile for the environment? Be our guest!

Visitors who make an effort to come to the festival using a sustainable mode of transport or who help us sort trash are rewarded with a Green Coin. 

  • Festival-goers who arrive by train, paying airport shuttle or bicycle receive a Green Coin.
  • Festival-goers who hand in a full PMD refuse bag at a recycling point at our campsites Boneyard, Inferno or Metal Town are rewarded with two Green Coins.

Click here for more details on the Green Coins.

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