Camping Boneyard

Pitch your tent at camping Boneyard, right next to the festival arena. The main festival entrance is just seconds away, access is free for everyone with a valid festival wristband and the facilities are excellent. First pitch your tent, then exchange your festival ticket for a GMM festival wristband at the Festival Entrance. 


Camping Boneyard is open round the clock between 3 PM on Wednesday 19 June and noon on Monday 24 June. On Wednesday only festival goers with a combi ticket can enter the campsite. Day ticket holders only have access from the day printed on their wristband (8am) till noon the next day.
The festival site will remain closed until 10 AM on Thursday. Food and drinks are available at the campsite on Wednesday.


  • There are big sanitary blocks at camping Boneyard. Use of the toilets and wash basins is free, as is the (drinkable) water from the faucets. A shower costs 1 Skully (= €3,50).
  • Do not leave any valuables behind in your tent but store them in one of the lockers at the entrance.
  • Additional facilities for visitors with a disability are available at the Inter camping at Camping Inferno . Click here to find out how to book your slot.
  • Food and drinks are available at the campsite on Wednesday.


Once again our campers can benefit from a full-fledged supermarket with the Boneyard Supermarket. Open round the clock, it has everything you need for a perfect festival experience.
You’ll find the supermarket at Camping Boneyard at the entrance on Europalaan.


Don’t feel like lugging around cases of beer during your stay at Camping Boneyard? We’ve got the perfect solution! This year you can order your tray (24 x 33 cl) of cold cans of Jupiler or Jupiler 0.0 in advance at an advantageous price and kick off your festival weekend with a refreshing beer (or two). 

A tray of cold cans of Jupiler or Jupiler 0.0 (24 x 33 cl) costs €40 in advance sale. Orders can be collected from the new supermarket at Camping Boneyard on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June 2024. Are you staying at Camping Inferno or at Metal Town? Even then, you can purchase a voucher and exchange it at the supermarket at Camping Boneyard. Attention: the offer is limited and the voucher is neither valid at other GMM campsites nor at the Camping Boneyard bar.

Just a quick reminder: only Combi ticket holders can exchange their ticket for a festival wristband as from Wednesday 19 June at 3 p.m. Day ticket holders can collect their festival wristband on the day starting from 8 a.m.

Presale ends on Sunday 9 June 2024 at 10 pm.


You’re staying at Camping Boneyard but don’t feel like hauling half your belongings to Dessel? Then drop by the Camping Shop at the festival or order your camping supplies in advance. Super practical and you can collect your order from the camping shop upon your arrival. Place your order HERE.

This year the Camping Shop also rents out camping chairs and party tents. Rent yours on the website and collect your order from the Camping Shop upon your arrival at the campsite. After the festival simply hand in the rented items at the same location. There are two Camping Shops this year, one at the entrance on Europalaan and the other at the breakfast zone.

Renting instead of buying these items reduces your ecological footprint and contributes to a more sustainable future. Moreover, renting our chairs and party tents is cheaper than buying your own stuff that will probably end up gathering dust in the attic or the garage anyway. 


Don’t give pickpockets the chance to ruin your festival weekend and store your valuables in the lockers at the Main Entrance. You can rent a locker for a single day or for the duration of the festival. Day lockers are emptied at the end of each festival day.

Two days before the festival, you will receive an email containing your personal QR code for the locker.

The following formats are available:

  • Charging locker (9,5x19x32,5cm) with an EU power socket to charge your mobile (bring your own adapter and cable!) - rent €9/day or €36 for the duration of the festival
  • Medium Low (22,3x21,5x43cm) - rent €9/day or €36 for the duration of the festival
  • Medium High (25x30x45cm), (locker at ideal height) - rent €10/day or €40 for the duration of the festival
  • Extra Large (43x22,5x43cm) - rent €16/day or €64 for the duration of the festival

Go to this page to reserve your locker at your leisure. In addition you can also rent a locker on site (while available). No deposit is required for the use of the lockers.

Attention: lockers rented for a single day are emptied at the end of the festival day.


Read the house rules for the Boneyard to learn about the dos and don’ts. In a nutshell:

Do not bring: anything on wheels wider than 85cm – dry ice – drugs – torches – stoves – gas burners – gas installations – sound systems – large BBQs – charcoal BBQs – disposable BBQs – bicycle pumps – flyers – glass – candles – pets (exc. guide and assistance dogs) – (pocket) knives & switchblades – party tents larger than 3 x 3 m – sharp objects – power generators – beer dispensers – fireworks – fires – weapons (duh!) - nargile - bongs - shovels - pliers - drills - saws - screwdrivers.

You can bring: all types of hand trucks & shopping trolleys up to 85 cm wide, parasols, gazebos/party tents up to 3 m x 3 m. Check here to see which cartridge types are allowed.


Please note you may be frisked at the entrance and we may want to search your bags or backpack. You have the right to refuse but in that case you will not be allowed to enter the festival arena.

The fire lanes at the campsite must be kept clear at all times. Camping staff will remove any tents that block the fire lanes.

The Red Cross station at camping Boneyard is manned round the clock. They will stock any medication that needs to be refrigerated. Don’t forget to bring a valid prescription.


What can I bring to camping Boneyard?

Click here for an exhaustive list of items you can and can’t bring.

Can I book a specific spot at camping Boneyard in advance?

Unfortunately not. The ‘first come first served’ principle applies: the sooner you get here, the better. Once the camping is full, it’s full.

I won’t be arriving at the same time as my friends. Can I still pitch my tent next to theirs?

Only if there’s room for your tent.

Do I have access to camping Boneyard with a one-day wristband?

Day ticket holders have access on the day printed on their wristband, more specifically between 8 am and noon the next day. 

Can I bring a wheelbarrow/shopping cart/ hand truck?

Yes, as long as it’s not wider than 85 cm.

Can I bring my motorhome, caravan, car, motorbike, ... to camping Boneyard?

No, only tents are allowed. Motorhomes, (folding) caravans and other live-in vehicles are welcome in Metal Town, or at one of the private campsites in the Dessel area.

What is the maximum tent size?

There are no limits, really, just as long as you can transport it from the car park to the Boneyard yourselves and the full capacity of the tent is used.

Can we erect a party tent?

es. As long as it’s not larger than 3 x 3 m. Parasols are also allowed.

How much alcohol and/or how many soft drinks can I bring?

24 cans (33 cl) per person. That’s 792 cl or sixteen 50 cl cans.

What about sound systems?

No. There’s more than enough music in the festival arena - until 5 am. And believe it or not but some of your fellow campers may actually need a few hours of sleep.

Can we have a BBQ at camping Boneyard?

Only small camping stoves are allowed (click here). This means that barbecues and any form of open fire are not allowed. In case of extreme temperatures the fire service may also ban these small camping stoves for safety reasons.

Is there a power point at the campsite?

No, sorry. You can charge your mobile at the Recharge stand.

Camping Shop by Mr Camp Champ

You’re looking to stay at Camping Boneyard but you hate the hassle? Then pre-order your camping gear at the Camping Shop or just drop by on the day. Click here to order your camping necessities. You can simply collect them upon your arrival. Convenient as hell!