Camping Boneyard

Pitch your tent at camping Boneyard, right next to the festival arena. The main festival entrance is just seconds away, access is free for everyone with a valid festival wristband and the facilities are excellent. Don’t feel like lugging around tons of camping gear? Then rent a pre-pitched tent in a dedicated area near the entrance. Not free, but extremely convenient.



Camping Boneyard is open round the clock between 3 PM (noon) on Wednesday 17 June and noon on Monday 24 June. On Wednesday only festival goers with a combi plus ticket can enter the campsite. Day- and combi ticket holders only have access from the day printed on their wristband (8am) till noon the next day.


  • There are three sanitary blocks at camping Boneyard. Use of the toilets and wash basins is free, as is the water from the faucets. A shower costs 1 GMM token.
  • Do not leave any valuables behind in your tent but store them in one of the lockers at the entrance.
  • Additional facilities for visitors with a disability are available at the Inter camping near the camping Boneyard entrance. Click here to find out how to book your slot.


Read the house rules for the Boneyard to learn about the dos and don’ts. In a nutshell:

Do not bring: anything on wheels wider than 85cm – dry ice – drugs – torches – stoves – gas burners – gas installations – sound systems – large BBQs – charcoal BBQs – disposable BBQs – bicycle pumps – flyers – glass – candles – pets (exc. guide and assistance dogs) – (pocket) knives & switchblades – party tents larger than 3 x 3 m – sharp objects – power generators – beer dispensers – fireworks – fires – weapons (duh!) - nargile - bongs - shovels - pliers - drills - saws - screwdrivers.

You can bring: all types of hand trucks & shopping trolleys up to 85 cm wide, parasols, gazebos/party tents up to 3 m x 3 m. Check here to see which cartridge types are allowed.


Please note you may be frisked at the entrance and we may want to search your bags or backpack. You have the right to refuse but in that case you will not be allowed to enter the festival arena.

The fire lanes at the campsite must be kept clear at all times. Camping staff will remove any tents that block the fire lanes.

The Red Cross station near the entrance to camping Boneyard is manned round the clock. They will stock any medication that needs to be refrigerated. Don’t forget to bring a valid prescription.


Rent a tent

Rent a tent